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g with news articles and an easy online credit card application.

Other premium domain names have recently sold for big bucks too. sold last year for $5.5 Million. This sale also included an ongoing business in addition to the very valuable domain name. sold for $1.3 million in December 2003.

Does this mean that anyone can spend $30 for a domain name and then turn around and sell it for millions? Hardly: All the premium names have long since been gobbled up by speculators and web developers in the 90?s and for a lot more than just the registration fee. The owner of bought the name for $15,000 in 1997.

Examine the seller of, Deal Jam LLC, which is currently buying more premium domain names such as,, and Deal Jam's president Andrew Miller says it identifies a market, purchases a generic domain name, builds a website on that brand name and then sells it to a company who will take it to the next level. Deal Jam?s pending sale of is to Altura International of Monterey California whose shareholders include and Bill Gates.

Domain names are purchased for many reasons, but the reasons for their value has always been the same, even during the domain name bubble., currently listed for sale at an undisclosed price, receives over 9000 visitors every month. If each visitor would cost $2 to acquire using Google or Overture ads, then this domain is worth at least $200,000 per year just in minimal advertising revenues.

Sales of domains such as signal a definite resurgence of values for top-level domain names. With prices increasing and a stronger market for premium domain names what this means is that premium generic domain names are a good investment once again

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