Colorado LLC or INC for $0.99?

A few years ago, forming a limited liability company in California cost as much as $870 just in state fees. Then, the state lowered their initial filing fee to $70. Not too amazingly, there was a three-fold increase in filings in the first four months since the change. Many other states have followed dropping state fees in an effort to encourage new business formations. Now, Colorado has gone one step better, dropping its fees for forming a new LLC or INC to $0.99, currently the lowest in the USA.

Highlighting its new electronic filing service, the Colorado Secretary of State is assessing only $0.99 for new LLC or INC filings vs. $50 for paper filings. The Secretary of State is calling this assessment a "temporary" fee, implying that the fee may be increased at a later date.

Additionally, electronic LLC filings are expedited for no additional fee vs. $50 for paper filings.

Annual report filing fees have been reduced too. If filed electronically, filers will pay only $0.99 per year for corporations and limited liability companies.

We say, good job Colorado! Now be prepared for the onslaught.

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