Colorado Ends $1 Company

It has been said, "You don?t get much for a buck." Well, this will also be true on April 1st, when the Colorado Secretary of State raises its filing fee for new corporations and LLC?s from $1.00 to $50 (for online filings). Since September 2004, Colorado has been offering filings for an absurdly low $1. With filing fees nationwide running from $40 to $500, Colorado has been essentially hanging a sign proudly stating, ?Businesses Welcome Here!?

Also increasing are the annual report fees from $1 to $20. However, even with the increases, Colorado?s business friendly environment makes a compelling argument for filing your entity there over more expensive neighbors.

Beware of annual taxes. Although filing & annual report fees are lower, Colorado corporations and LLC?s must still file an annual tax return and pay a tax of 4.63% of income. Compare this to the more tax friendly states such as Nevada, Wyoming & Delaware, who do not charge a tax on income, and the argument becomes less compelling.

However, if you have a business in Colorado and you are considering filing a Colorado entity, now is the time.

SmallBiZ Incorporator, will be offering Colorado?s nation-low $1 filing fee until the increase on April 1st. To incorporate or form an LLC in Colorado (or any other state), go to:
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