Standard Filing
Quick Definition
Complete (non-expedited) filing of state documents
This is our complete filing service which includes:
> Checking name availability
> Auto-prep of state filing & review
> Submittal of filing to state
> Review approval for correctness
> Scan and provide digital copy
> Forward "original" by shipping preference

Filing Time

When Articles are filed under the Standard Filing process (NOT Expedited), most states will complete your filing within one to six weeks. However, this is very dependent up each individual state, and the time of year (Filings submitted from December through April have the slowest processing times. Some states such as California have taken upwards of three (3) months or more to process a Standard Filing when submitted in in January or February! In many cases, when time isn't an issue, this is the best method. But, if your Corporation or LLC is needed to be filed in a timely fashion, we recommend you use our Expedited Filing Service!

Our Standard Filing service fee is only $25.00 for every state: Absolutely the lowest cost charged by any incorporation or LLC formation service!